Dealing with Shame, Guilt and Failure

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Picture a perfect world: A white cottage with a picket fence that houses you, a perfect spouse, two glowingly perfect children and a perfect dog and cat. What is wrong with this picture? Perfection doesn’t exist in the real world, and even when it appears to, it’s surprisingly short-lived. However, what does exist in the minds and hearts of many parents is almost an overwhelming sense of disappointment that, at times, creates feelings of shame, guilt and failure.

This course will help you address what many parents deal with regarding these feelings, and will also look at the underlying factor that drives them – fear. In this exercise, you will learn more appropriate coping skills and overcome the common reactions, i.e. depression, drinking, escaping, and fighting. By helping you to understand, face, and overcome these feelings, you can find strength and hope.

Course Benefits

  • Dealing with Shame: Learn how to manage feelings of embarrassment and shame without becoming defensive.
  • Dealing with Guilt: Understand the difference between inward and outward guilt and learn to deal with the sense of guilt effectively and productively
  • Dealing with Failure: Learn how to combat the sense of disappointment and failure by fashioning new dreams.
  • Confronting Fear: Learn how to face fear and to recognize your own strength. 

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