Languages of Love

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In the same way that each of us has our own distinct personality style and parenting style, we also have our own unique way of communicating love. In any relationship, it is vital to understand how each person demonstrates and receives expressions of love. This course will help you understand Dr. Chapman's seminal work on the five love languages. This enlightening course will help you identify your love language, and provide you with a short assessment to help you understand the love languages of your spouse/partner, children, and those you care about.

This course is based on the book, The Five Love Languages (Northfield Publishing, ©1995) by Gary Chapman. In addition to this book we also recommend, The Five Love Languages of Teenagers (Northfield Publishing, © 2000) by Gary Chapman, and The Five Love Languages of Children (Moody Press, ©1997) by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell.


  • Express your love in words of affirmation.
  • Develop the art of showing appreciation, giving encouragement, being kind and making requests.
  • Learn how your words affect your relationship. Express your love in your use of quality time.
  • Learn what "togetherness" really means, the art of quality conversation, how to express your feelings and plan quality activities together.
  • Express your love through gifts. Be aware of the importance of gifts to your loved on.
  • Discover how money affects gift giving and discover supplementary ways of giving.
  • Learn the importance of the gift in your presence.
  • Express your love through acts of service.
  • Learn how your background affects the things you do for each other.
  • Learn to be specific in your discussion of daily chores. Learn to overcome gender role stereotypes.
  • Express your love through physical touch. Learn the importance of physical touch, how to touch and why physical touch is crucial in a time of crisis.


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