Building a Blended Family

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We all wish that family members in a new blended family unit would blend together easily, just like the Brady Bunch;  however if you are in the process of building a blended family you know it’s more difficult than that. The skills required to unite different family members are usually greater than the natural skills many of us possess. Building a blended family takes time, patience and love, and there are four key factors that will allow you to make the greatest progress possible for you and your family. These factors are adapting, adjusting, accepting and achieving.


This course on building a blended family is but one course in many that will help you in your efforts to achieve a united and cooperative family unit. Some of the essential building blocks of an effective blended family include parental teamwork, defining roles and responsibilities and supporting one another within those defined roles and responsibilities. At FamilyIQ we hope that parents who are seeking to unite two families will allow themselves the freedom to make mistakes, while at the same time recognizing that our courses and other resources will help minimize the common mistakes made by most new stepparents. It is important that stepparents recognize that they can learn helpful strategies about coping with blended family issues.


·         You will be able to define the words: adapt, adjust, accept and achieve as they apply to blended family relationships.

·         You will be able to identify the nature of role as a parent and stepparent within a stepfamily.

·         You will be able to see advice from an expert.

·         You will be able to apply several new skills and strategies to your life and blended family relationships.



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