Single Parenting

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Single parents make up a substantial proportion of the overall parenting picture. FamilyIQ salutes every single parent who is striving to do the best they can with what they have to manage the almost-overwhelming pressures around them. As a single parent, you have undoubtedly had to face a host of personal and parenting issues that may cause you to realize that there must be hope and skills available that can help you both manage and overcome the challenges of single parenting.

This course will address many of the common issues faced by most single parents, and to frame those challenges more manageable way. You will discover how to overcome logistical and financial hurdles that you may be facing, as well as having to juggle two roles that are difficult, if not impossible, to fulfill simultaneously. The course will also address emotional hurdles, and last but not least will help you deal with the societal prejudices and hypocrisy that you also may face.


Overcoming logistical hurdles: Learn how to juggle your roles as breadwinner and single parent.
Overcoming financial hurdles: Learn how to overcome new financial hurdles by making adjustments and utilizing resources.
Overcoming emotional hurdles: Learn how to adjust emotionally to your role as single parent and recognize your need for support.
Overcoming societal hurdles: Learn how to deal with the prejudices and hypocrisy surrounding single parenting in society.


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