Harmonizing Your Life


Do you find at times that your life has become busy, noisy, and 'out of tune?'  Are you trying too hard to be everything to everyone with little time to concentrate on your own peace and harmony? We attend to so many issues that sometimes we lose balance and grounding – our sweet balance and harmony. This course will help you pinpoint what really matters and guide you towards regaining and maintaining the harmony in your life. This course covers your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual environments.


  • Physical Environment: Learn how to control your physical environment through effective organization and planning.
  • Mental Environment: Learn how to guard your mental environment by aligning your goals and setting priorities.
  •  Emotional Environment: Learn how to protect your emotional environment through detoxification and by pursuing balance.
  • Spiritual Environment: Learn how to enrich your spiritual environment by resting and recharging.


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